Hello all. My name is Mickey Valentine...but my name used to be FIVEBALL....and about 4 years ago, i started the song lyric contests as a way to promote lyrical writing and provide criticism. does anyone remember me?
haha thanks. seriously i was in the damn navy at the time....floatin out in the japan sea...and i started makin these CHALLENGES for people....like i would give a topic...and people would have to write a lyric about it....and i would judge them all and give constructive criticism. was a lot of fun. but them turned into a big responsibility. there would be like 20 admissions per contest....
Hi Mickey

Apparently things have changed since you were here last.
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Interesting idea, except for the sole responsibility of one person as judge. Then again the contest forum is pretty much that now anyway.

For the record I don't remember you lol sorry.
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