I have the whole night and nothing to do so I have decided to make a music video. I got the equipment, and tons of special effects, doubt I will use any effects though, just letting you know.

Any Ideas?

One of these songs:

Drifting Along-Jamiroquai

Universally Speaking-RHCP

Any RHCP/Sublime/Jamiroquai.
Also anything else pretty cool and laid back if I've heard of it.

I have access to a pretty nice beach right down the road and a I'm very close to offbase which is pretty cool with everything in Japanese.

I can do a lot and stop motion animation could be pretty cool.
Any ideas would be a huge help.
Make a remake of Under The Bridge by RHCP. But instead of Anthony running half-naked, make 2 hot chicks run half-naked. Im sure you will get a million hits! xD
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