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That's what it says on ticketmaster but they started selling them at 10AM this morning. I was at it trying to buy some for about 45 minutes. And now I'm gonna try again. THis is forthe AC/DC tickets at birmingham.
they've all sold out now dude
I just managed to get some last minute ones for the 16th of April at the 02..
But on seetickets.com it says the NEC is all out..
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Grrr Thanks for letting me know though, I would have wasted ALOT of time getting some.
Ive got my pair for Manchester. gig of a lifetime.
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Me and some mates got together just to increase our chances of getting tickets and we have a few extras. They are on ebay if you want but I can understand why you wouldnt want to buy there because they are going to be way overpriced. Although mine are still under cost price. Up to you man....

Item number: 300266877154 and Item number: 300266877201
I've tried to get tickets for the Manchester one, but failed
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its ridiculous
my girlfriends dad was orderinhg them
and by about 11am after he couldnt get thru, the only tix left he could find were £170 ones and there were only 2 left
for the MEN gig that is
you lucky people that have got them
im weell jealous.
i just hope that know they'll announce more dates :/