any suggestions for the title?

Here we stand, you and I
Not sure exactly how or why
We both look in each other's eyes
And pretend we're in disguise

I used to know you, and you, me
So well, so much, so why can we not be?

If this is what you wanted all along
Tell me how could we last for that long
We both know that we belong
To each other
If this is where you wanted to be
I just want you to come home with me
And I know that you clearly see
"Us" with "forever".

Here they come, I can't deny
You look like you know how to fly
But didn't you say you felt you had the skies
With me, I know they weren't just lies

Hear me one more time, oh please
I know right now you're not at ease
But give it one more try to think at least
Of us, 'til the sun rises at the east

I used to know you, you loved me
And I, you, why do you choose not to see?

If this is what you wanted all along
Tell me how you listen to our song
We both know that we are strong
Us, together
If this is where you want to be
There's still a place for you and me
And I know that you clearly see
"The end" with "never".

Didn't you use to believe we don't need anyone else?
Didn't we do what's right, what love impels?
Didn't we feel lost when the other was gone?
Didn't you use to say that I was the one?

We were one.

Nothing matters to you now, things are just done.

If this is what you wanted all along
Tell me what's right for you now and what's wrong
With me, why didn't it take you long
To find another
But if this is where you'd rather be
I wish someday you'll come down to me
'Til then I hope you do feel free
Yeah, whatever.

I'm not even sure now how things are with you.

But if you could walk away fast, I should be going too.#
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How about, "In Disguise" ?

+1 it flows well though...i'd love for you to check out my work, and try not to write about love so much...look up all of your soldiers on my threads
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You are my favorite August 08er, sir!

One day, when the time has come,
The truth will shine, we'll never run.
We both know just how feel,
I'm praying to god that this is real.
i thought this was a very nice song. Liked the lyrics alot, and i can feel the emotional pain put into by you. I really think it would sound great with some music put to it. Great Job man.