I use a Line 6 Spider Valve head, and make use of its onboard delay effect when using my clean tones. I've had some noise problems with the amp and so I've re-connected my NS-2 noise gate in the "X-connection", using the FX loop of my amp and the FX loop of the pedal to gate both the guitar and the amp's pre-amp section. This killed the noise, and everything's perfect again.

EXCEPT, whenever the noise gate's on, I get no delay. Obviously I understand why, since it's gating the pre-amp, the pre-amp is where the digital FX get added on Line 6's, so it's assuming the delay is feedback when it isn't.

What I'm wondering is, is there any way to stop this happening asides from simply stomping off the noise gate when I switch to a clean channel. I don't need to worry about the noise gate when I'm using clean tones obviously, so this IS an option, but if there's an easier way to do this, perhaps by connecting stuff differently, I'd love to hear it.

You must ALWAYS put a noise suppressor BEFORE any delay or reverb you have in your overall effects chain. Otherwise, the noise suppressor is treating the trail-off created by the reverb and/or delay as "noise", as it isn't directly connected to the main signal, so it's cut out by the gate. As far as I'm aware, this is the case for any noise suppressor unit, even the later ones, so it's just something you always have to keep in mind when wiring up effects chains of any shape, size, or form.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read your question properly. Run the noise suppressor into the front of the amp, directly into the amp's preamp. That way, you're running the noise suppressor before the preamp, and thus before the delay, so it shouldn't detect the repeats as "noise". Just run it straight in, don't run any part of the amp in the pedal's effects loop or anything like that, you'd run the risk of going back to square one.

It wont kill preamp noise or amp distortion noise, but it'll still kill guitar noise and noise from any other pedals you might have, and that's better than nothing.
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Unless you have a feedback problem. I'd suggest taking the noise gate out completely. I had one and it just kills tone.

If you're using quality effects you shouldn't really have a noise problem aside from 60 cycle hum. And that's only if you're using single coils. If that's the case I'd suggest getting lace sensors, humbuckers or noiseless pickups.

I run a fair amount of gain on my rig and when I kick in my Bad MOnkey it's pretty loud humwise. But it's not worth the tone I lose for me to get a noise gate. I just sold a dunlop smart gate. Don't miss it a bit.

ONe thing I did when I was playing in a metal band was for silence during mute stops is turning off my distortion pedal to get silence during a sudden break. Yes I know it's alot of work but with that much adrenaline you need something to do. XD

If you have to use it for pedal power then swap it for a tuner or a line selector, chorus and delay always sound better through the effects loop anyway.
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I've had feedback problems, and gating the pre-amp solved that. And, i don't have a distortion pedal, it's a modelling head, the distortion effect comes from the amp, it can't be turned out without changing channel which would be pretty silly. Running the NS-2 straight into the front of the head gave me squeaky feedback problems when running high gain at high volume, gating the pre-amp solved that.

And as for pickups, I use actives, SD Blackouts.