alright i was just rockin up here and was wonderin if any of you wonderful people would share some thoughts on my issue. ive been playin for about a year but not really at the level im supposed to be, and say when my music teacher at school comes up to me or my friends ask me to play something..im usually stranded and have nothing cool to play and that will entertain people So what IM asking for is some good tracks that arent hard to play and sounds pretty neat..im into that metalish stuff and some system of a down.. recomeend some tracks, any will do.
i had a look at those but didnt really appeal to me.. i want something nice and flashy and will impress people, but a song that isnt too hard.
Metallica - Lepper Messiah
Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls
RATM - Know Your Enemy
Deftones - My Own Summer
Deftones - Root