Hey guys well this is one of of my bands. It's not meant to be taken Really seriously.
But check us out anyhow.

Menstrual Keyboard were formed on Saturday, the 14th of June 2008 at 4:11PM.
A 2 piece band featuring-
Guitarist - Jazz
Bassist - Ryan
The main genre, which was made to both member's ... personality aspects, is Geekcore.(Metal Influenced style)
The music which they write is based upon computing, technology and most of all, gaming. And Parodies.
The music is made via computer recording, and sent via internet to eachother (due to living in different states of Australia.)

-Menstrual Keyboard


The link is Here
And to one of our songs on youtube. 1000 times
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Dude you guys are really clever, i laughed so hard @ some parts. You guys can't sing but you try. It's great.

Keep more songs coming guys.
(Worth checking out, follow the YouTube link)
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