Disco Inferno - Earth Wind and Fire!

Danger! High voltage - Electric Six is a good one to slap on as its just octaves and all

also take finger/pick lines you already know, and slap them out for the technique

And check out some later Chili Peppers stuff... Perhaps even Higer Ground Chili Version.
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RHCP "Coffee Shop"

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You could try Emergency on Planet Earth by Jamiroquai. All the slapping is in octaves, and its a really funky song. There are a couple of mildly tricky bits, but nothing that some practice can't smooth out. In fact, most of the songs on the Emergency on Planet Earth album have great basslines that sound quite complex, but are really not too difficult to learn. Well worth a look into if you want to learn more funk basslines.

EDIT: just realised that version is a bit more complex than the album version, which doesnt have so much double-popping or whatever you want to call it in it. The bass tab here is fairly simple. You can add extra slaps or pops wherever you feel like it. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/jamiroquai/emergency_on_planet_earth_btab.htm

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well the easiest slap song in the world (this may be an exagetation but still) is fly away by lenny kravits it will take you like 5 minutes to learn and it sounds really cool
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jerk off by tool. at least i palyed it slap. it took me about 4 listens once i knew the notes and it was easy as a $2.00 hooker.

Down With Bass - fIREHOSE.

Yes, it has some trickier parts, but even with my basic slap skills I can manage it.
antipop by primus is a stupidly slapping song. The tab says to pop a bit of it but i just slap the whole song.
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dani california can be really fun because you have room to improvise in between the slaaping part

What slapping parts?

Anyways, Higher ground is a good song, the chorus of Knock me down by the chilis and also Can't stop.