i've got a boss MT-2 i'm looking to sell but when i tried it out today it doesn't work. the light comes on meaning it's getting power but no guitar signal is making it through. any ideas what the problem could be and how easy is it to fix?
make sure u have the leads in the right plugs. make sure the cables work and guitar works by plugging them straight into the amp. if no signal occurs the problem most likely isnt the problem.

also ensure the volume and gain and at decent levels... perhaps the battery is low if it uses one.
yea i checked all the usual rookie mistakes, guitar, cables and all that are good and i had it plugged into an adapter for power. just no signal making it through, i'm thinking there's an internal problem but i don't want to take it apart and mess it up any worse.
ensure the adapter plugged to it is the same voltage and whatever it needs, i sometimes accidentally plug my whammy pedal's power into my multifx pedal and vice versa. if it does have a battery in it, make sure its taken out to see that the signal is purely supplied by the wall socket. then try it only with a battery, maybe trying a new one to make sure it has a full charge...

that's all i can think of for now man