Hey guys,

I've been playing for a couple months now and would like some input on correctly practicing bends.

I still have a hard time recognizing when I bend to the correct pitch because I don't have the ear training. I've been doing chromatic exercises about half an hour each day and it's helping but I'm still off on pitches when I bend.

Recently I've been using my tuner and bending until the tuner says I hit the required note, but it's hard to hear the pitch because I'm on an electric and my tuner doesn't have an output into my amp.

I'd really like to play blues, so bending is a must, and I'd like some ideas on how to correctly practice bending.
play like the 12 fret then the 14the fret on the same string then bend the 12 till u hit the 14th fret pitch
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Well you could try this thing that helped me on it but it needs little bit ears.

Lets say you bend 8th fret on the B string that note is a G You bend the G note half step up and then you pick the 9th fret on the same string if it sounds the same as your bend your doing it right!

Maybe little bit tricky explained but I tried my best

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First of all learn about how bends basically work and the common bends(1/4,half,whole etc) Then for half step bends and above try it by matching the sound of the bend to the aimed pitch/note(fret),ex bending the at the 12 fret 1/2 step up it sohuld sound like the note on the 13 fret.(1/2 step = 1 fret up,1 whole step,2 frets up etc etc)
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Listen to this and only this in the thread:

Steve Vai (aka god) Recommended doing this. Pick a string, for example the low e string. Start at fret two, go down a fret and bend up until you match the pitch. Do this for every fret on the string that you can do.

Then go up the whole neck going up 2 and down 1 fret one set at a time.

E---2---1b(2)---3---2b(3)---4---3b(4) etc and do it for each string.

Try that. It should help you SO much.
the best way to bend is to put the bend between your index finger and thumb on the neck, because it's like they were made for each other and then turn your wrist to bend. There is a video on you tube from Joe Satriani which says this so search it!
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