Hey, i've worked a little bit more on my last piece


Hope you like it n that

I want to be the King,
Could I be the Queen;
The joker playing poker
and everything in between.

I'd like to be of envy
Or subjected to zeal;
To have tried, the other side
Without it being real.

A constellation I would be,
An eclipse of the sun;
A solar flare, a lunar mare,
A cosmic collision.

I'd love to be the rain,
A grey tainted cloud;
A light kiss, or torrential hiss
Splashing on the ground.

I wish to be a summer breeze
Or a footprint on the grass;
A bird who flies, across blue skies,
A shadow never cast.

I dream of being youthful,
To be a fun loving child;
Who climbs trees, with dirty knees
With free spirit and mind.

I yearn to be a teacher,
A poet under the tree;
A penned word, a spoken verb,
of such sincerity.

But most of all I'd like,
Just when the time is here;
To laugh and smile, and for a while,
to simply disappear.