Singer/Guitarist (21) seeks bassist, drummer and possible 2nd guitarist to form an alternative rock band named '2ND SIDE MADE' in the West Bromwich/Black Country area.

Style along the lines of:

CKY <---- a lot of my riffs are based on this style

Staind <---- my melancholic songs are sometimes based on this style

Puddle of Mudd <---- my heavier, drop tuning stuff is in this style, but it's rare

I have riffs, I just need people to put stuff to it.

If you are interested please contact me - PM me, go to the myspace or e-mail me.

MySpace: www.myspace.com/secondsidemade
E-Mail: secondsidemade@live.co.uk
Hey, im not from that area, but if you wanted i would be quite happy to lend a hand in laying down some bass for your songs if you wanted, maybe collabarating on some music, since i really like the track's you have. if not, then that's cool man, good luck with the search