How reliable is the ValveKing head?

Iv been looking at heads for quite some time,and its down to the Bugera 6260 and the ValveKing. Im trying to go for some really good cleans,and only a fair amount of gain.I mostly play blues and blues-based rock.

Iv never actually tried out any of Bugeras stuff,although Iv played the ValveKing combo,and I liked it alright...So what do you guys think?
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if you read various reviews you'll find taht the bugera's ound exceptional, however...they are poorly made...the valveking would be the way to go...great sound and dependable
so you have a cab? what is it?

I'm not up on the Bugera's. The Valvekings have proven to be pretty reliable imo. I know they had issues early on but they have been out now for well over a year and most of the bugs are worked out. It does have a clean channel. Some people like the tone and some don't so it is a love hate thing. IF you played the combo and liked it I'm sure you will like the head. It DOES matter what cab you use tho.

If you not have read thru The Valveking Thread, maybe do that and ping IbanezPsycho. He has one. We also have clips you can listed to. Check the Blues clip I found. I was surprised at how well the VK can do blues. Thread is in my sig if you can't find it for some reason.

just my opinion and i tried to give you an unbiased answer.

i would also check as to what is available via craigslist depending on where you live to expand your search. Peavey Classic 30 might be right up your alley.
Are you willing to go used? If so I recomend neither amps listed, you can get much more for your money if you look into a used amp. Really for the style you listed, the Peavey Classic 30 would be the best amp for you new.
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