Well here's my story.
about 7 month's ago i started taking Guitar lessons after buying my first guitar.
Now 2 weeks ago my teacher told me to start learning the solo's of November Rain.
My first reaction was "o.0 already?!"
After learning it a bit, this is the part of the first solo that i "can play".
Comments are good and appreciated but keep in mind that i'm still very new at playing the guitar lol ^^

Anyway link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBrhlRwKi9o

- Roland Cube 30 AMP
- Gibson Les Paul Studio

P.S.: I know its not the full length of the 1st solo but i'm still learning the part that comes after, and wanted some comments on the part that i can play "well".

You are good if you really play since only 7 months. A little out of tempo in some parts but good
I'm pretty happy with what i can do so far in only 7 months of guitar lessons considering i never even touched a guitar before. Of course i have a lot to learn, but if i continue to learn as fast as i did the past few months, i'm sure things are gonna work out just fine.

I'm going to work on the timing from now on, thanks for the tip.
really nice,,
but you really have to work on your bends and timings...
Thanks for the feedback, my guitar teacher also told me i have to work on getting my bends to sound more clearer. Hope to put a new vid online somewhere soon with some major improvements
like other people said, timing/bends/vibrato needs work
impressive for 7months tho!