okay..if i buy a new graphics card for my computer, which uses the stock one, will the things i do in 3d run faster? i have 3gb of ram on my computer and a 500gb hd but its slow as hellw hen i have the internet and anything in 3d running
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Like games? Yes. If you're computer is running slow with those specs, it would seem you have some ad-ware or spyware slowing it down. But in answer to your question, a nice graphics will make your games run better.
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okay so lets say i wanna run something like IMVU the internet and iTunes..in theory..my computer shouldnt be working as hard as it should..would this help? oh..and im getting 8meg internet soon too
haha thanks..im a computer noob i guess..i can install stuff but i dont know how it will affect things haha thanks guys

btw..if i wanna spend less than 150 bucks what should i get?
well, the processor speed is perhaps the most important as you could have an obscene amount of ram and one of the new nvidia 260's, but if your processor blows then its all in vain...also if it sounds like your computer is constantly processing then it is probably:

a. processor struggling with windows ==> need new processor
b. spyware/virus ==>antivirus/spybot

but to answer your question yes the new video card would definitely help with 3d images
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