I am a drummer and a guitarist better at the drums but enjoy Guitar more. I am looking to start a band with others and do oringinals. Im not looking for people who expect perfect i want it to be more fun than a serious thing. I am 16 and only looking for people around my age group. The hard thing about starting a band is i dont like heavy stuff with screaming. I like Classic stuff such as Led Zepplin and Guns N' Roses. I am located In East Providence Rhode Island and looking for people who are local. I want to make a sucessful band but not worrying about being perfect. I am not insane at playing but i am decent enough to write and play! Like i said i play drums. If anyone is interested at all please email me at WysCookie@live.com and we can talk more detail after that

Why must you live in Rhode Island. I guess you lived in New York
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hey im from coventry and i play drums, guitar, piano, and i sing.
if WysCookie or ccam555, or anyone want to jam or start a band, im up for it.
ive been trying to start a band, but i cant find anyone around who wants to jam.

i even put up signs and stuff in local music shops.
if you wanna jam, or start a progressive band, message me!!
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