FINALLY and I mean after something like 3 months I get to try out some of the amps I am intending on buying. And afterwards I will come back here with videos and reviews of what I thought.

The main idea is an amp that has high enough gain through its tubes to be able to play metal, but still have that powerful warm tube sound on the cleans, and of course; that classic crunch.

So as of right now the contenders are:

Randall rg50tc
Bugera 333xl/6262
Peavey valveking (lol just for comparison)

So thats 4 amps for me that are all in the sub 700 area. I will be playing through the head/cab versions since the store I'm going to does not carry the combos. But its ok, because I am sure, that besides a little extra bass the head version differences very little to the combo versions.

I'll be there at around 7pm and I'll repost all the stuff around 8 if anyone is interested.
I wouldn't mind hearing a clip of the Randall in death metal mode, since I haven't tried one.
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yes, please record the rg50tc, im thinking of buying it, would be really nice
Nobody has a good recording of it like anywhere. SO you mean like full gain?
i dunno. Everyone praises the shit outta it. So I'm going to put it through its paces and see what it actually sounds like. That way everyone can shut up about what metal amp to get.
please do the bugera
its on my list and i can't try it out
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so how did the amp testings go?

curious as to how they all sounded to you
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