For Sale: Marshall Limited Edition JCM 2555SL SLASH Signature Amp - $2,500

This is it, the one, the only Marshall SLASH Signature Amp 2555SL. This amp is 1 of only 3000 Slash Heads produced world wide! I am the original owner and this amp has been babied. I have seen this amp sell for over $3000 on Ebay! Buy it now as an investment.

Technical Information:
This hand-wired, all-valve amp (3 x ECC83s, 4 x EL34s) was instantly hailed as a classic by guitarists the world over and for good reason: it successfully married the legendary roar of the 800 Series power-stage with a highly versatile preamp that boasted a foot switchable 'Lead Master' control - effectively making the 2555 a two channel head. By beefing up the preamp's gain when activated, this neat feature enables the user to instantly switch between rhythm and lead tones with a mere tap of the foot. The amp's versatility is further enhanced by a Series Effect Loop and a push/pull function on the Input Gain control which, when pulled out, injects a subtle but effective distorted edge to the amp's rhythm tone. A High Output (100 Watts)/Low Power (50 Watts) switch adds even further to the flexibility and already wide tonal palette.

This baby is in awesome condition. There are a few very subtle surface blemishes that are hardly worth noting, but I want to disclose absolutely everything. It comes with power cord, rare Marshall animal skin head cover (has a few minor blemishes, nothing serious, but again I want to disclose everything), and even the original certificate signed by Jim Marshall and Slash! No footswitch is included as I use it with my gig setup. They're only $30 on ebay.

This amp is based on the Marshall that Slash (of Guns 'n' Roses and Slash's Snakepit fame) describes as "flawless the entire time from day one". Enclosed instruction booklet even tells you how to get the awesome tone that Slash had on “Appetite For Destruction”!

Depends on shipping destination (will quote). Item will be insured and packed extrememly well. If item is purchased locally (Missouri) then arrangements can be made for pickup.


If you have any questions, or want to buy this once in a lifetime Marshall Amplifier, email me at marshismellow@yahoo.com
how is it's sound, vintage voiced? is it JCM 800 territory or more like Plexi or JTM?
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Quote by bjovi400
how is it's sound, vintage voiced? is it JCM 800 territory or more like Plexi or JTM?

Much more along the lines of JCM800 territory. Essentially it's a Silver Jubilee reissue with Slash's "changes".