Hi fellow u.g.ers.

I have just put a new song called "the fact and the thinking of it" on my bands websites Unsigned.com and myspace.
i just wondered what you guys thought about that and any of our songs really. Any feedback would be much appreciated as i would really like to know what people thought who were not family and friends and therefore had a totally unbiased opinion. I could sit and dribble on myself and my mum would probably still say she is proud of me and that it was great. haha

Thanks guys.

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Not bad, I had a hard time finding the beat. the drum beat you used was a little odd, it fit but made it very difficult to "feel" the song. The guitars are to loud in the mix and the vocals are way to low, I couldn't really hear what was being said. the song itself is good in a Jimmy eat world kinda way. That's all I can really say, hope it helps!
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hmm, i really like it. The vocals are mixed a little low, but the harmonies are great, and your voice is pretty cool. The song kinda reminds me of Motion City Soundtrack (specifically their song Hold Me Down).

Also, the guitar in the beginning sounds really full and nice. Is that from your amp or did you add effects with computer software?

ta guys. thanks for your feedback.
Its not actually myself that sings. i have done all the guitars and the bass its my housemate who sings. I meant to mention that before.

in response to your question curlyhead the guitar is played through my amp but it is plugged into my 8track that we record on so there is some effect from that added plus the effects from my pedals.