Me and my mates, we're thinking of making a band together ... like for fun and stuff as all of our bands that we're in at the moment are complete failures, all of us are highly influenced by funk and grunge, especially me and the bassist (im guitar, buying a fender deluxe stratocaster next month! YAY!)... but we were wondering whether the darkness of grunge and the pop of funk would mix...



I reckon it could work, do a nirvana styled village people number!

*Imagines Cobain Singing San Francisco (You've Got Me)*

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go for it
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well in funk the first rule is to pull your **** out, then you rock out. Do the same thing but don't shower. There. Grundge mixed with funk!
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Of course they could. RHCP mixed rap and funk in their early days.

Grunge and funk could add more dimensions and emotion to the funk. Maybe a heavier chorus with a scratchy bouncy verse or something? Remember, there are NO rules in music, only theories.

And theories can be changed at any time...
Listen to I know Somethin' ('bout You) by Alice In Chains.
It's proof that it can be done
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Listen to I know Somethin' ('bout You) by Alice In Chains.
It's proof that it can be done

yh. wer gna go for it!!! if any of u live in taunton or bridgwater nd see an ad for a gig or sumfink ... please come!!! XD
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Listen to I know Somethin' ('bout You) by Alice In Chains.
It's proof that it can be done

lol i thought this just before i read it!

There's only one way to find out, so experiment with it.
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Of course. Where do you think RHCP came from?
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Of course. Where do you think RHCP came from?


Also, another band that kind of mixes these two would be Guns N Roses.....think "Rocket Queen". That's not too far from a grunge/funk hybrid really. (Yes, I know GNR are hard rock, but for the most part, the separation between hard rock and grunge is pretty much just flannel and another overdrive pedal.)
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excellent idea TS.

good to see someone these days is original, although it's gonna take a while to figure out the sound. Im sure with practise at it, you'll get it.
AiC has a song on their Facelift album called "I Know Something About You". It sounds like AiC meets RHCP. It's a sick song, funky and grungy at the same time.
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I reckon it could work, do a nirvana styled village people number!

*Imagines Cobain Singing San Francisco (You've Got Me)*

Well, if you think the Village People are funk then you've obviously no idea what Funk is. Village People were Disco.
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well disco was the white mans funk...

listen to a bit of funkadelic...very funky but they have quite a few hard rock riffs. while not grunge it shows that rock and funk mix well.

also grunge, like most alternative rock styles is usually focused on a loud chorus. so say a funky verse and a powerful chorus of powerchords

look at dani california as well. while not grunge it implements the idea of funk in the verse and the a big guitar sounds for thechorus and solo
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My band's been wondering what to call this style we've been working on. The closest thing we can say is grunge and funk mixed. But you guys check us out for yourselves, here's our youtube page:


Its good, it sounds kind of like Blur, but angrier. Not sure how much of it is funk, but it's good.
What kind of question is that? Just write your music, dude. Let it speak for itself.
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Don't go into a project or band and try to force two sounds together because it might sound cool. Do some funky grunge or grungy funk or something and try to make it natural. Few genres mix perfectly. Just go for your own sound and make sure you focus on writing good music before trying to do something obscenely original.

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go listen to a band called nuclear rabbit. they have mixed everything with everything.
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