I was looking at and seriously considering buying the Kustom HV30 amp. Does anyone have any positive/negative thoughts on it. I do not gig, have never gigged and most likely never will. It is for my own personal use in my home. I have an Esp LTD AX-2E with stock pick ups. I like Hardcore, Metal Core and Metal music. This amp seems like it can do it all.

All advice on this particular amp is appreciated.
Im not a huge fan of the hybrid amps myself either tubes or no tubes. But I have no issues with my kustom amp but its the all tube coupe series. A friend of mine has the little tube 12, a hybrid, and is very happy with it. But I tend to stick with simpler amps with out effects or modelling.
do either of you own this amp or have a buddy who does? That is what I am looking for, hands on advice about this particular amp. Not other Kustom amps or weather you like hybrid amps or not. I just want feedback from people who own the HV30 and if thier opinions are positive or negative. If you have not played through this amp or even heard someone play through this amp, then how can you give me advice about this amp?
no i havent played and yes ive never heard of this amp i never said anything about it other than, to your own benefit buy used not new, youll generall get something better for your money.
for the same money get a fender super champ XD the most authentic tube sounding amp ive ever heard wich is a hybrid, that runs on three tube.
its got one 12aX7(preamp), and two 6V6 in the power section, for the money its better than a flextone moddeler, and better sounding than a VOX hybrid moddeler.
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I was actually looking at the super champ xd, but it only has a 10 inch speaker and everything that I have ever read about it, everyone suggested switching out the speaker for a 12 inch.

My list was the superchamp, black heart little giant or handsome devil and this Kustom.

I really don't want to buy an amp and then have to change the speaker.

And seeing how my amp, just a moment ago, ceased working, I wll have to make my decision soon.