I was looking to get an Ibanez WD7 Wah pedal, I've been reading reviews and have tried it out a few times at Guitar Center, and like it. I just have two major questions.

1). Has anyone else used this pedal and how did it sound and did you like it.

2). Does it sound like the Ibanez WH-10 wah?

I want to know if it is anything like a WH-10 because my Favorite guitarist is John Frusciante and I just love the sound of his wah (he uses a WH-10)
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1. i did. it was alright....the pedal didn't feel super sturdy to me though. it was fine for messin around and playing heavier stuff, using it for clean or light/mid overdrive it was not too good.

2. no it doesn't. it's just the same brand, but meant for a different ball game. if you're wanting to sound similar to J.F., get something like the Vox V847A for that price. MUCH better. sounds great from clean to hard rock.
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