Okay so with pinches there's nodal points on the string where you strike with the pick buuuuuutttt... What I'm wondering is: Does the nodal points on the string change depending on where I'm fretting?

For example if I fret at 7 and do a pinch harmonic, then I go for one at 12 or something, will I have to find a new nodal point? Or will it stay the same?

I use the same nodal point no matter what fret i'm playing.
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Yes, as you effectively change the length of the string by fretting it, the location of the harmonic would change. It's all physics.

However, I do the same thing as the guy above me so lol.
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']FUCK YES.

They change. To find the same octave of a harmonic on a higher fret, it usually moves upward...and to find the same octave lower it moves down the string.... Higher pitches are higher up, just think of it that way.
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yes, it'll move.
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If you always pinch on the same spot some of your harmonics are going to sound way more aggressive than others. You're probably using different points automatically.

It's great that there's multiple points for pinch harmonics, sometimes during a solo I play a lick all pinch harmonics in one area and then play the same riff with pinch harmonics closer to the bridge. Totally different sound but the left hand is doing the same.
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