Got any fans here?, I wasnt sure where to put this, since they have metal elements along with the crust punk and Grindcore.

Got the Split EP with Driller Killer, pretty darn good.
I have an album of theirs and its just horrible. I don't remember what the name of it is.
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I guess they're good if you're into Grindcore. I like Grindcore a bit, but only Napalm Death/early Carcass stuff.
Its alright, some stuff just sounds like ripping off Discharge, but its good enough when i want some grind but feel like a change from Carcass/Napalm
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It's not fair to single them out as ripping off Discharge. 90+% of hardcore bands were/are influenced by Discharge. Good band.
i like grind in general, but this band doesn't do too much for me. i only have one of their EPs, though, so that could explain it.
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