Poll: which online music retailer do you use the most?
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View poll results: which online music retailer do you use the most?
Music 123
3 8%
Musician's Friend
12 30%
0 0%
Sam Ash
0 0%
Guitar center
2 5%
I buy stuff from local stores (don't buy online often)
14 35%
9 23%
Voters: 40.
But I'm from Finland
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samedaymusic.com is also good-although their selection isn't as large as musicians friend, they typically ship the item out fairly quickly

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i've bought from Zzounds before but they're from NJ and so am i so there was sales tax which was kind of a bummer. now i mainly use musicians friend if my local shop doesn't have what i want.
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you forgot americanmusical.com
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I usually use Musicians Friend. Though they have tried to screw me over before.
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Whatever sells whatever I want at the time cheapest.
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Doesn't Guitar Center own all of those companies?

no, that would be a monopoly which is illegal

guitar center only owns musicians friend/music 123 if i recall correctly.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
I've started buying stuff from Thomann, and i really like it.
I did however get a small dent on my guitar when i got it, but everything was intact.
Considering it's shipped from germany i was kinda expecting it