Well not quiet yet, but soon. I have a Yamaha RBX170 4 string. The problem is that there is a fissure on the end of neck near the neck joint. It's slowly geting wider and wider because of the string tension. It also sucks because i have to keep tuning it back up everytime I pick up the bass and play it because said string tension is causeing the neck to slowly give out from the widening fissure, which incidently causes the action to go up a little aswell. Is there a way i can fix this? Could i just unbolt the neck and fill the fracture with Elmers glue or something and let it settle back into place as a straight neck? I've also been meaning to up grade to a better bass from this soon but now I'm a little scared due to this neck starting to shit the bed. I don't want this happening to an expensive bass if i get one.

More to the point have any of you had major neck malfunctions like this? Is it more common on cheap bass then the the big boys?
it sonds like you need a good clamp and some epoxy. I've fixed this problem on a banjo before, only luthiery job I've ever done for pay sadly.
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no no broken neck I think. Pics?
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1) Take the strings off, silly, you're making it worse.
2) Take a look at it once there's no tension. If it goes back into a better position, throw some woodglue in there as a temp. fix, and then buy a better bass.
Glue alone won't do anything to help it.

You could do what I did to fix a cracked headstock...

Drill a hole under and perpendicular to the crack and epoxy in a brass pin. You can drill as many holes as you see fit and epoxy in a pin in each. I did two on my repair job.

Idk how easy it is to get brass pins, though. My dad's a gunsmith and has lots or random stuff around.