Ok so last night i was jammin out and halfway through the session my amp cut out to like an 1/8 of sound. I have a JCM 800 2204 50w ampthat i buitl for the Ceriatone kit from www.ceriatone.com. it is running 3-12AX7 and 2-EL34's . it is hooked up to a 4X12 cabinet and set at 4 ohms. Does anyone know why the sound cut out? i tried switching out the preamp tubes to see if that was the issue but it didnt change anything. I didnt have power tubes to try that but i did swap places on them.

Basically it sounds like if i were running a solid state amp at like 1 or 2. there is sound but very minimal. Its all handwired so no pcb boards but i dont think that its something with the circuit but i havent had a chance to open it up completely to look.

Do you think i blew a power tube? All the tubes light up and none of them are glowing bright red or blue. just the standard orange. Any ideas before i go out and buy new tubes?

Problem is i got a gig tomorrow so time is of the essance. and my other guitarist is using my backup while i rebuild his amp ha ha.
sounds like a power tube to me.

it most likely is the (viewing from the rear) left most tube, try replacing that one first, if you are really concerned just rent an amp for the evening.

best of luck.
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i kinda figure thats what might be it since i can get the gain from the preamp stages just fine its just the overall volume that isnt coming up.