hey guys, i have been playing for about 4 months, and my teacher is trying to teach me one of us by joan osborne but i think there are easier songs. i was thinking of learning stairway to heaven instead, what do u guys think, is it easier?
things i know:
Smells like teen spirit
3 scales (1 is the blue scale and the other 2 i cant remember the names :P)
basic chords
tons of Arpeggios

pardon my english, i was raised by dolphins
Scales and chromatic excercises.

They build the link between fret and pick hand, strengthen your fingers, improve speed and accuracy, and you'll be learning scales which will, in the long run, be very helpful.
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i recommend NOT learning stairway. a LOT harder than it seems, at least if you want it to sound good that is.

learn some classic rock, old blues stuff, 12 bar blues, chords anything
CCR is pretty easy stuff, good around campfires :P if you want something heavier, try smoke on the water (lol) or some black sabbath.
no. not stairway to heaven... not at 4 months of playing, sorry.
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