I made a distortion pedal, quite complicated compared to some i've seen online, basically a 741 op-amp with two clipping diodes, but having a deadline i never got to test it, before handing it in (said i did in folder, got good marks ahahahaha, no exam board is gonna have a guitar and amp to test it) but i got it back today, tested it out and it was really odd.#

at first i didnt have the batteries in properly so it didnt work....ahahaha

i fixed this, and it worked quiet well, very fuzz-like though because of the crackling, and it sounded quite synthy which was ineteresting ahahaha.

but the moost odd thing was at first it only worked if the power was off, the power switch was odd i rememebr, the pedal runs on a split rail power supply (+9V and -9V, using two series batteries with earth in the middle) the switch just cut the earth side, whihc kinda makes sense.

so then i changed the batteries it works fine now, works on on and off though ahahaha, but when its on the LED stays permanantly on signifying the distortion, and when "power" is off the LED glows with the power of the guitar.

what i sup with this? and how does that work because it amkes no sense, no guitar signal can light an LED. It could be a short circuit but i doubt it, the bottom half of case is aluminium, but the top with most of the components in is acrylic.
you say "odd" too much
and yeah you should have tested it before lol
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hahahaha i don't honestly care, i have a distortion pedal that's good enough for shi te amp and this one was only for gcse

i just thought it was interesting

^^ and yes i shoulda tested it but c'mon its school....lol

and i can only count two odds, quite ODD you should say that :p aha
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and when "power" is off the LED glows with the power of the guitar.

like a clipping indicator?