How do i make it so i can record xbox360 footage on my PC?
I have never ever attempted this before.

PS. I already know i need a cable to connect em....that's about all i know.
Hmm you'd need to run the video (video feed from the 360) on the desktop. to do this you'd need a video card/ graphic card with a S-video input, then you'd need a cable to convert the video channel from the 360 lead to the S-video type jack in order to send the data to the PC, then im not sure what app you'd use to record the S-video input, maybe some kind of TV viewing software that comes with your graphic or video card, then you'd just record the window by using some free recording software or the recording feature in the TV application, i actaully think you'd need an expensive video card for this, i dont mean graphic card either, i mean a perhipheral card that is used excluselvy for recording/ editing video.
most cod4 montage people use a dazzle card
best quality
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