Hello UG, long time reader, first time poster here. I recently got some money for my birthday (looking to spend around $150-300), and I need some help on spending it.

My current gear: Epiphone LPSP, and I made the mistake of buying an MG30DFX (you can all laugh it's okay) before doing some research on it.

Music I play and listen to: I mainly listen to metal but also some classic rock and newer stuff. Some of the bands I like are Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, GNR, RATM, and a few more.

Anyways, here are my options. I am thinking of selling my MG30, and using some of the money I have now to get a better, more powerful amp. I have been looking at Vox Valvetronix, and it looks good to me, but I don't want to make any mistakes this time. Another option I have is getting a Multi Effects pedal and just sticking with the amp I have now until Christmas maybe.

Anyways, thanks for reading, hoping for some advise soon =).
Sell the mg, combine it with your bday money, buy an RMC3 and a fulltone OCD and mail them to me. Best way to spend it.


Seriously though, the vox would be a pretty good choice, but do you need a gigging amp? Can you go used? I think a used classic 30 or a maybe a crate v18 or v33 might be a better choice, unless you're a bedroom player only. If that's the case the vox or maybe a BH little giant with an OD might be a good choice.
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I got a multi fx and now I don't want another amp until I have about a grand to spend... heh..

If you think at christmas you can get a higher quality amp then valvetronix I'd at least try a multi-FX and then wait, it will be better in the long run.
^I totally disagree, the best thing the ts can do is get away from his crappy amp, not throw some junk multifx in front of it.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
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^I totally disagree, the best thing the ts can do is get away from his crappy amp, not throw some junk multifx in front of it.


A BH Little giant would be ideal.
If you DO want some effects though get cheapo one to fiddle around with like a Behringer V-Amp THEN invest in a better one down the track.
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Thanks for all the quick responses.

I wont really be gigging, I mainly just play as a hobby and sometimes jam with my friend or my brother (they are drummers) and play for friends/family.

EDIT: Yes I can go used.

Links would be nice for amp suggestions too =). I can't find some of these.
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^As long as the drummers don't bang away like cavemen the BH or an epi valve jr would have a enough get, if you get the vox I'd suggest at least 30 watts.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
How is the quality of the sound from those amps? I am not really looking for amps that go very loud, I want some really nice quality.
They sound awesome, especially when you crank them up, the tube break up is amazing.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
If you really want to save for an amp, sell the multi-effects and buy a microcube. like 150 bucks and good tone. Then save that money for a great amp
If you want to buy my Vox AD50 you can

But in all seriousness, you can actually make a Epi LP special sound passable through a Valvetronix.

Other options include Crate V's, Epi Valve series.

Tube amps in this range don't have a great variety of tones in them, really, and need a bit of help to get them where you want them to be.
Bump, any more opinions/suggestions?

I did some research and I really like the way the Crate V's sound, but I don't know if a tube amp is right for me yet.

And please provide some links if you can so I can look them up easier.
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your always ready for a tube amp. The V's are great.

So which one exactly should I get with my budget? =D
Sounds good. I am leaning towards that one, but I would like to hear more opinions before making my decision. Hopefully I can be fully informed this time and not make another mistake.
Well, the 33 is a good inbetween size for gigging and bedroom. Plus it has 2 channels and an effects loop. And it has EL84's, as opposed to the 6l6's of the V50. But that's just preference.
33 is gonna be a little big imo
the v18 is plenty if youre not doing big gigs. the problem is that you couldnt crank up the v33 to get tube breakup. also don't get the v18 212 because it'll be heavier, and expensive if you want to do a speaker swap.
for sure go tube. however I'd probably reccomend the Blackheart Little Giant over the v18 if the tone of the amp is the main concern. both are excellent choices tho.
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I'd go with either a Blackheart LG, Epi VJ, or a Crate V33.

I'd go with one of the first two if it's just for bedroom practice, and you have the resale-ability.

I'd go for the Crate V18 if you're going to be playing with drummers often. It's not really worth it to go for the Crate V18 if you don't really need all the watts.