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OK guys I just need some help. I want to get a cheapish guitar under $500 AU to upgrade from my crap squier strat. A locking vibrato would be cool but only if it's a decent one. I was thinking maybe an Ibanez RG (a lower priced one). Does anyone know any other great, versatile guitars in this price range? I play prog, shred and metal but also dip into jazz and blues.

BUT! I only have a little practice amp. Should I not get a guitar and just upgrade my amp? It seems logical but most of my performances are using borrowed amps that are decent and I record with Amplitube.

So Guitar or Amp? And what sort of guitar/amp?
How 'bout both?

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well whats your little amp, if its an MG, than you need a new amp, but if its a cube, it might do.
and if you want a decent floyd, your not going to get one with a low end RG, they have edg IIIs, and edge IIIs suck.
if you have a sucky amp as well as ur squier, you'll need to get both.
you might want to go used btw