Just trying to mix up my style, would love recommendations on a romantic, soft solo for electric.. I dunno if that's clear lol but I hope some of ya get what I'm after. Wonderful Tonight's riff comes to mind but a solo similar to that sound..

November Rain by Guns n Roses
Any of the 3 solos in there are melodic, and sound great
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you should check out the Goodbye to Romance solo from randy rhoads...
that is just what yur lookin for...
Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues

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Santana - Samba Pa Ti
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id recomend (if you dont mind learning by ear) just about any miles davis (trumpet) or bill evans (piano) solo (even though they arent rock, they are beutiful), the solos of the song "Blue in Green" from the album Kind of Blue would be good to learn.
Summer Breeze - Isley Brothers, if you can pull that off then God will f*** you.
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Hey, you said it yourself, Wonderful Tonight... listen to some of Clapton's live versions. He's done many different solos and extra ending solos for it throughout the years, all revolve around the same basic principle and all sound pretty good.

Major scale, smart use of bends, pace yourself. That right there is the groundwork for pretty much ever ballad solo in popular music.
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