how far can you stretch from the first fret?

i mean cleanly go e.g 1,5,1,5,1,5 ish

just curious
i can cleanly go up a whole octave. its kinda simple.

edit: oh i was just joking. i didnt understand so i said a random thing. what i meant was i can go cleanly to 2nd fret 4th string.

now that i get what you mean, i would say i can prob go to the sixth fret, depending which guitar im using and the scale length n stuff.
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i can cleanly go up a whole octave. its kinda simple.


i can get 1 to 7 or 8
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1 to 6...

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1-6 and 5-12

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I can stretch about 2 octaves.
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1-6. And it's never limited my playing in anyway to not be able to reach the 7th fret. Being able to do huge stretches is overrated.
12-24 and 4-12 are my best; I'm not sure which is a wider stretch. However, such stretching is a mere dick-measuring contest. Any interval that wide should have the lower note played on a lower string, or tap it if you want the legato sound.
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tap it if you want the legato sound.

Now there is a much more useful ability right there (tapping). Take this - 12h16-h19p16p12. 16th notes. Not such a crazy stretch at all, just a little bit of a reach for most people. Now lets say that you can learn to comfortably go in and out of tapping mode in the space of an 8th note at a fairly fast tempo. So, you can do this, 12h16t19p16p12. Well, what's the big deal since they sound almost identical? The difference is that using the tapped approach, using the same technique and no increase in difficulty, you could play, say 10h12t19p12p10 (painful/impossible for most people with only the LH), or even 5h8t17p8p5 (flat out impossible with LH only).
So to me, it makes a lot more time to spend my time working on a technique that's really versatile (tapping), than worrying about how far I can stretch.
Some stretching is necessary, of course, I was just talking about the crazy ones. To me, anything covering 5 frets (like the 1-5 part above) is a no brainer. 6 frets is borderline. For example, I'd probably stretch for 5-8-10. 7 frets, I start thinking about putting it on a different string or tapping it.

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