Ok, my SG build is still on hold because my school won't give any information about the graduation projects. In the meantime I was thinking I could build stratocaster body blanks. I have a cheap squire strat and I want to build a duplicator and just use the body. I found a website where you can buy plans for $20. http://www.copycarver.com/index.htm
Is there much of a market for basic, unfinished bodies? How much could I sell them for?
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If you can advertise somehow, I'm sure there would be a decent market. Carvin, Warmoth, Allparts, Mighty-Mite, and a few others all make money doing this...

As for price, they go from anywhere between $50 and $500...it all depends on how big your name is, what your profit margin is, and what sort of materials are used
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make sure you practice on scrap wood and make a few before you actually start selling them. Also the price will also depend on what wood is used..
I'm already doing this . Lol but make some templates and don't expect to get a lot of people wanting to buy them. I got one in 3 weeks.