I'm trying my hand at building a Strat, and I could use some guidance concerning trems. I'm thinking two-point, and I'm deliberately staying away from locking trems (don't need the aggrevation), and I don't do a lot of dive bombs anyway.

The Fender trem bridges for the American Standard and the American Deluxe sound ok, but I'm wondering how they compare to a Wilkinson. What I'm going for sound-wise is bright, with a lot of sustain. I'd be matching this up with an ash body, maple fingerboard, locking tuners and a self-lubing nut (graphite or a synthetic).

Any suggestions?

I think the vintage style trems are plenty bright, you could just just the outside two screws to make it a pseudo two point. For the sustain, get a larger brass sustain block and set up the trem to rest against the body. All that combined with a good nut ought to give it good sustain.
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^ yeah. or alternatively, get one of those two-point wilkinsons (or the 6 point which functions a bit like a 2-point) with the bent steel saddles.
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