Ok I'm upgrading from from Ibanez Gio. I do not like the Ibanez it has Single Coils and do not sound good for AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Mettalica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbeth, Godsmack, Disturbed, and so on. I'm on a $300 dollar budget.
The amp I have right now is a Kustom Dart 10. The amp is good I love the amp.

No seriously. With a budget of 400

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see what deals you can get on epiphone les pauls. thats what mine is and it has great humbucker pickups for things like metallica and maiden. i have a standard not the 100. i got mine in the UK so im not sure what it is in dollars. go to musicians friend or something
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No seriously. With a budget of 400


Or this lol. Look up both. Both good guitar brands for your price. Just dont look at BC Rich. Iv heard bad stuff about their low end axes
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You should've gotten the Artist ART100. It's great, but it sounds a little bad when you play chords or more than a couple strings.
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try to save up for the standard epi sg 400
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I acutally Played two G-400s today the G-400 Goth and The G-400 Vintage.
The vintage was more in my price range but im not sure.
I can never tell the store owner only let me play for a few minutes, not even enough to really get a feel for either on to see if i like it.