Ok, just seeing if there's any interest here before i put these on eBay:

Digitech Screamin' Blues - Pretty much as new

Very responsive to playing dynamics, nice blues and AC DC tones

Digitech Main Squeeze - Less new

half the level nob has broken off, but it still works. Battery connector is falling off but fine with a power supply. Very long sustain if your into that, a good compression tone.

Hex Overwound Humbucker pair -

High output, crunchy heavy sound. Same Wiring codes as SDs.

Unknown Gold Humbucker pair

Came from a Westfield les paul. Apparently these are used in PRS guitars as well. pretty bog standard set of humbuckers.

Pics can be taken on request

make me an offer and we'll see

Screamin' Blues £10 (all prices +PandP)

Already have the Hothead sorry.

Yes it does definitely work.

Just trying to find my camera! pics soon!
I'll hopefully take at least the screamin' blues in a few days, maybe the compresser, but I'm not too sure what it does? Could you explain?
^haha, The compressor basically evens out the volume of the guitar, it cuts beaks and boosts quiet playing. you can still get dynamics depending on how you tweak the pedal.