pretty self explanatory. my bro is gettin me a bass, told me to pick one out under $200 bucks and send him a link. im thinkin either a rogue or a dean metalman. my style is a grungey-metal, but on bass i have played more funk and popping style stuff, like primus. any advice, more than appreciated.
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Do not get a rogue, I hear they're horrible. Get a squier vm jazz bass or an ibanez of some kind.
For 200$ is strongly advise the ibanez gsr its sounds and feels great for the price and can play anything from funk to hard rock, also for an extra 40$ you can get it in a flamed maple finnish which is what i have and it looks sick!
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I'm gonna have to say Ibanez GSR200
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yep, heres another vote for the GSR 200. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-GSR200-4-String-Bass-100463976-i1150632.gc

The great things about it are its well made, its got a good variety of tones for its price and its quite an easy bass to play and learn slap on. Its a very good bass for the money.

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You can't get anything good in the bass world for $200 and under, I'm sorry. Guitars, maybe, but bass, no, just no.

It would only be good for just acclimating you to what a bass is and how it works, Don't expect to play gigs with it or expect it to stand up to regular practice past a year. And at that price the neck is %100 gonna shit out with in a year.

Just spend a little more and get something that is qaulity and will last. The $200 range will pretty much give you a certified shitfactory. Remember, that price range of bass is pretty much made by the lowest bidder, by workers who make probably about 5 cents and hour so i would just try to spend atleast $400.
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^Totally agree. You can't fake quality, and a crappy instrument might scare you off from bass as a whole.

That said, there's an entire section in the Bass Forum FAQ devoted to this question. It's pretty much required reading for those new to this neck of the woods.
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actually the GSR200 is quite a decent "all-around" bass for the price range. you would have to spend at least another $200 to get a better bass, IMO!!.
squier affintys or ibanez gsr200
both quality solid basses
BTW i have played many gigs with my old GSR200 i am playing many more with my current squier, people sometimes forgets about overpricing
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