OK, a guy who I fixed a couple guitars for gave me a pair of fairly nice rack units (delay and multi effect) and I don't have a rack. I figure they'll be nice for practicing, and somtime down the road I might buy a 31 band eq or tuner for when I play bass at my church. Long story short I want to build a rack. I have built speaker cabs and an amp head encloser type thing, so I don't think it will be that hard. any tips or trick or anything specific I need to look out for while building this? (BTW I have acsess to as much free 3/4 inch plywood as I need).

Thanks all.
if by rack you mean pedal board then all you need to do is make a ramp and put velcro on it then stick your pedals on it...
I think he means rackmounted effects, like you see on those colossal gear shows?

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Yeah, rackmounted effects, I already have two pedalboards, since I build my own effects, the first one filled up kinda fast.

Ok, found a great tutorial, check this out


This guy has some great ideas, check out the rest of his site.


I'll post pics later if anyone shows interest in this project.

Questions? Comments? Snide remarks?
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Cool sites. I have a medium-size aluminum rack my employer threw away... perfect condition. The only rack-mount equipment I have, though, is a crappy old ASI mixer/amp unit we used when we started gigging in HS. Building your own sounds like fun!