well technically, this is a repost of two songs I have written in the past. my last two actually.
however, I have now put them together into one song. so in essence, I am one step closer to having an actual album written.
I've made a bunch of changes to both though, so don't think that I'm just reposting two songs I've done in the past as one. so basically, if you've already heard the songs, tell me what you think of them now and how the transition from the first to the second goes.
if you haven't already heard these, tell me what you think of the songs themselves.

I'll give a C4C definitely (although I'm still a bit behind on those. sorry to the two guys who are waiting on me, I'm getting there. I've just been really busy writing. )

so enjoy.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
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oh yeah, I completely forgot about that.

even though I think the whole sound is sacrificed on GP4, I'll put it up for you.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
If that ever happens, I will definitely send you a copy.

however, I'm slowly realizing that my debut album will be the only good one I ever write. unless I take like 3 or 4 years between each record.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
i really like it... especially the lead thing you do on in the middle... i wanna say bar 140 something...
The problem with GP4 files are the dotted notes don't play. (I have GP 5.0 :p Yes. I plan to buy GP eventually... =\

Also, why does ninja.kitty get a free copy & not me? I would send you any album I ever write and record...

I plan to record a solo piano album first, I just need to learn how to write without using alot of instruments. Something which proves to be quite hard for me.

Anyhow, onto the crit. I've told you what I thought of the first song. It's not bad, alternate chorus is the main standout part. It possibly reminds me a bit of Miseinen by the Gazette. The interlude is reallyyyyy impressive, the lead part works well, rhythm and bass just take there place and the drums are quite interesting. For the chorus, will there be vocals? If not then it starts to get a bit irritating having that endless lead. Also, just a suggestion if you do go to record it, for the chorus use a synth to do the lead?

The transition to Verse 1 was a bit shaky... I'm not sure how you could fix that up. The bass is good but maybe have it doing a bit more of those little lead bits, and maybe make the rhythm a bit more varied than straight quavers. May I ask why the pre-chorus goes into a verse? But it's good, not much to say about it really. The chorus which comes up at bar 199 is quite good, it feels quite empty without such quiet rhythm, but that gives it a bit of charm somehow. Good guitar solo, not much I can really say, but it's encouraging that I like it? I quite like the bass in the bridge, maybe have like a vocal part in the second half? But no words, just whoaaoa-ing? Guitar solo 2 was okay, a bit to, lacking melody. Also, try use some quantuplets, septuplets, nontuplets, whatever.

Also, I think it would be cool if at the end as the guitar faded out the string part kind of gradually took over the mix, and you had some cool string outro. It would give it a kind of really nice calm, kind of epic but not cliche epic feeling. And then bring in some piano, just because yeahh, that's how we roll.

However, I warn, that's probably a cliche of myself.
before i crit. love your cover of body in a box on your profile.

-intro drum beat good. bass goes well with it. good rythem section
-riff that comes in a 21, on track two, love it. especially the rake type thing at the end.
-the chorus everything is amazing. very post hardcore-y.
-the transition from 3/4 to 4/4 is good, you cant even tell.
-love the little fill thing at 51
-interlude has a really cool feel to it. all the lead guitar is pretty mad.
-solo type thing at 101 is awesome.
-the bit at 122 i thought was wierd at the start. but then i got into it and realse its true awesomensss.
-alternative chorus is ok, the usual one is better, but im guessing you putting there so for something different.
-interlude is awesome. has a metally feel to it.

ill crit the second song later.
Wow... all i can say is wow...
the first song was epic, that would get a 10/10 on its own lol, there's nothing negative i can say about it, it all ran together so smoothly, quite possibly one of the best songs on UG.

Now the second song, sounds very victory-esque, its very happy, but the lead guitaring is awesome again, and again, everything runs so smoothly, there's just one problem with the whole piece...
Its not long enough XD i enjoyed listening to that so much, overall gotta be a 10/10

I have a vault of songs written by people on UG that i think are the best songs in the forums, i'm putting this in there, don't worry i don't steal them, its there just so i can get to them easily
Its a really good start to an album, if you keep writing like that, you cud have a classic on your hands, real good job man.

Could you crit one of my songs please?