Heya guys,
Recently I've been looking for a new guitar and I came accross on ESP Horizon FR-II.
I'm pretty much sure about the choice but I can't decide on wood.
It can be alder body+ Seymour Duncans (bright sound I believe) or mahogany body and seymour duncan screaming daemons I would impliment instead of EMGs.
I play Malmsteen, Vai, Satch, Iron Maiden so I need a bright sound but I also want to play some shredd soon (Petrucci, Symphony X=M.Romeo, Shawn Lane) what seems to need a very controlled, tight and more "individual" sound that won't get lost in tons of notes during fast arpeggios .
Which wood should I choose than?
I want it to scream on leads but I need it to remain "focused" and tight when it will come to shred .
How likely is it that Screaming Daemons will brighten mahogany's sound up to Malmsteen's characteristics?
Gettin' better ^_^
id go for the alder body. just general prefernce though
My Gear:
Jackson DK2M
PRS Paul Allender Sig
Epiphone SG Special
Fender Blues Jr.
Roland Micro Cube
Alder has a brighter tone and is more well balanced between rhythm/lead

Mahogany has a bassier tone and is more suited to rhythm.

So, I believe you'd want Alder for that clear resonating sound where you can play fast without it getting muddy.