Im Jakk
Im 18 and live on the wirral

Title pretty much sums it up.

Iv bin playing for close to four years now and play a dean razorback.

Iv bin playing in bands and writing music since before i learnt to play the guitar (yeah i know that makes no sence but it happened) so im good at playing off peoples reactions and covering other peoples mistakes without thinking.

Iv bin in three different bands, but none of them have gone anywhere due to either lack of commitment from other bandmates or mainly from the sheer lack of people who play the ****ing drums!

My favourite bands are bullet for my valentine, machine head, trivium, motley crue (old stuff and new stuff but not the stuff inbetween)& children of bodom but im also into loads of different types of music from pop to dance so i draw influences from there aswell.

If anyones interested just reply and we'll see what happens

hey mate, im at uni in liverpool also lookin for people to jam with etc. slightly different taste in the fav bands (megadeth, opeth etc). im stayin at atlantic point on naylor street if you wanna meet up some time?
Sounds good yeah

Megadeths stuff is pretty close to what i listen to technically and they are an AMAZING band (saw em in manchester a few months back)

Honestly dont listen to much opeth

How long you bin playin guitar, bin in any bands etc etc etc

yeah i saw megadeth too in newcastle- awesome gig. iv been in a few but theyv never kicked off. we just sat around playin riffs from individual songs. and we were always on different pages coz i was into the 80's thrash scene and they were into into more recent metal. been playin guitar just under 3 years now.
whens a good time for you to meet up?
Im quite busy this week but sometime next week shud be good

Coz both my guitars have flloyds on them there tuned to drop c (razorback) and d standard (ibanez) and cant be tuned to anythin different.

we should pick a song, learn it, delegate parts etc then try and jam it and see how it goes. any suggestions?
yeah i got quite a lot on too. got my gf visiting and uni shit. next week would probably be better. your guitars probably in better shape than mine. the top e string is scrapin against my pu coz i recently put a new one in, cant really solo off that. im not bothered about songs. the ones i love to play the most are:
tornado of souls - megadeth
blackened - metallica
lake bodom - COB

i can also play BFMV (noticed that was in your top selected bands) stuff off hand of blood and the poison. only song i bothered learning off scream aim fire was heart bursts into fire.

so do you play lead or rhythm, coz im mainly rhythm and can sing while playin in all of the songs i listed.
Yeah im the same rhythm and singin at once but can play solos. most of the bands i like are kinda like duel lead anyway rather than a solid line between rhythm/lead.

poison by bfmv is ma fav song ill be able to relearn the solo in a week. most of scream aim fire wasnt worth learinin tbh...

cud play tornado of souls in d standard as well i suppose, itd just be heavier
yeah, i havent listened to any of bullets song of the new album apart from heart...
see you like at the gates too, love playin their stuff especially slaughter of the soul and cold. yeah could give tornado of souls a shot, havnt bothered with the solo yet but could try learn it this week. see how it goes. can play all of daves part tho. and all of his parts in other megadeth songs like hangar 18, peace sells, ashes in your mouth, skin of my teeth etc.
you got msn so we can speak properly sometime? if so add me: