Is this guitar any good. I mean i know its a PRS but is it worth the money.
I'm thinking about getting it but haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet. If anyone owns this please tell me of its worth. And if anyone knows if they offer the gray burst WITHOUT the tremolo please tell me. Thanks for your assistance on my seach for my second guitar.
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I liked the single cut se's, never tried the customs but I'm assuming they're around the same quality. They're made in Korea, pretty decent quality control but you should still try before you buy.

I think the grey matteo is available without a trem, there are pictures of it without the trem here . Be sure to play some before you buy one, they have a neck that his hit and miss with people
I have a single cut SE as well, it's the best guitar (at the same price point) that I've played yet.

To be quite honest, I don't take very good care of my guitars... lol... I've knocked it around a lot, and it DOES show - the finish feels very hard to the touch, but it has chipped in 2 places on mine. I wouldn't worry about that though, cause one of the chips was from me turning to fast and knocking the wall (the wall took more damage than the guitar, and it was concrete), and I honestly don't know where the second is from.

Honestly, if I were you I would get the trem version. The stop tail has no real way of adjusting the intonation, and while the intonation is perfect on mine, I fear that in a few years after the wood has had time to age and warp slightly, it will be out of tune on the higher frets. Also, different string gauges require different intonations, so if you are going to use very thick or very thin strings, that might be a problem as well.

Non-locking tuners, but I've never had it go out of tune. I even had it in the gig bag it came with, walked up the street to my guitar teacher, and it was still in tune... that kinda amazed me

I would say it's definitely worth the money, but that partly depends on what kind of music you play... I really cant figure it out from your gear because you have acoustics but also have a metal muff ? EDIT: ignore the acoustic comment, google has failed me, I did a quick img search of the ibanez you have and it showed me an acoustic (ibanez model numbers are confusing as **** to memorize)

The guitar itself is suited to pretty much all forms of music you can get out of a guitar, but only to a certain exent... let me explain that a little better... It's a great blues guitar, but if blues is all you play, then you might be better of with a strat or similar. It's a great heavy metal guitar, but if thats all you play, then you might be better off with an ESP or similar. It's a great jazz guitar, but if thats all you play then you might be better off with an es-335 copy or similar.... catch my drift?
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ive played the se custom stop tail, its awesome, on par with the les paul studio
& hilbys right, it'll do everything great, but theres something better for every genre, but its really versatile
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