First off, I wuvs my Peavey. It's a great amp, but I'm looker for something a bit smaller, in both size and wattage. I've been looking around and I have a few in mind. I'm not going past $400 really because if I do get a new amp, then I'll be selling my Classic 50 of course.

I was thinking of a Peavey Classic 20 w/speaker change and tube change or one of the Crate V-series amps going on sale at the moment, and chances are, changing speaker/tubes as well.

I play mostly blues and rock. What do you all think?
Blackheart or Crate V-series?

Edit: Forgot the Peavey Windsor 20w combo, that'd probably be great
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Frankly, the volume of it is not the most major problem. I've been wanting to upgrade the speakers and tubes for a while, but upgrading all that, well, I could save that money and sell the Classic for something better in the end.

Mostly, I'm just looking for something smaller that I can still gig with. I'm looking at the Crate V-18 at the moment for $150, plenty of money for a speaker/tube swap left.
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delta blues 210??

Is gonna be big still.

The Crate V-18 is actually fairly large. Maybe a Blues Junior?
Go to GC in Fountain Valley and see if that Blues Custom 2x12 is still there.

There was also a Mesa DC when I was last there.

A few sf fenders as well. I think there was a princton or sommat.

There's a beauty of an Ampeg J12 Jet there, and a Gemini as well.

Hit it up.
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I think a Fender Blues Junior would be a better fit. You can get them modded too if you want.
They're low wattage and small, but big in TONE.
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Your going to lose money on resale of your classic 50 anyway.
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