Hi guys, im getting sick of my guitar losing tuning on the G string so often... I mean, its not uberly bad, but it can be annoying.

I've just purchased some grover rotomatics (18:1) off ebay (along with a pair of schaller straplocks, finally) and was wondering if i will need to buy a nut and have it fitted too?

If so, what kind of nut? I've heard of graphite and bone.
I think this one is just plastic... :/

Thanks all!
new tuners wont make you need a new nut
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i mean, will the tuners do the trick?

Or will i need the nut aswell? so it stays in tune perfectly i mean.
Do you already have a graphite nut?

If not, get one, that'll help.

Also, lubricate any place where the strings contact something with graphite. (nut, saddles etc. etc.)
What bridge are you using? You may just need to adjust the saddle on the bridge to the right scale length. To find your scale length measure from the nut to the 12th fret and then double it. thats how far away the part of the saddle where the string first touches it should be away from the nut.
Good Luck anyway...
^ Yeah. Moving shit on the bridge is just for intonation.

The best things you can do for tuning stability are:

1. Put your strings on right
2. Get good tuners, or locking tuners
3. Get a graphite nut, and lubricate all the string contact points with graphite (pencil lead)
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How much do you reckon it would cost to have my Les Paul fitted with a graphite nut, properly set up and stuff with low action + perfect intonation and all that shit...

Im assuming 30 quid-ish...