The new wrestling season has started at my school, and i was just wondering...
What is the best workout music?

In my opinion fast paced thrash and shred would be the best because its fast, and i motavates you.

If you are going to say what music is best, please have a reason
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DevilDriver! I don't know why it just always makes me feel energetic.
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Really I find I'm most pumped to jog or run to something when I can really get into it. It doesnt really matter what genre so much as theirs a distinctive down beat that I can time just right. So that my foot lands on every second or fourth beat. When it gets to fast I cant keep up with it and begin to lose interest as my lungs burn and my knees tremble. I cant pinpoint a specific bpm cause it usually depends on how I'm feeling, how in shape I am or what mood I'm in. The old Trivium was always cool to jog to. Before they got all technical and fast like.
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