I have a gig coming up with some psychedelic bands froms the states, and need a decent phaser/flange quick, or any other psychedelic effects
MXR Phase 90, I just bought one, used, for 50 dollars, really good though. Retail around 90-100 dollars, try one out if you can.
Vintage Akai Intelliphase.

Analog, 4 stages (i think, could be 8)

Also has control for touch-sensitivity for auto-wah like sounds.

Its about 20 years old but works like a dream.

Quote by stereohigh
yeah how much ???

I was hoping for a small stone or something like that

The sound is very similar to a small stone, its just a bit more tweakable.

£40 posted?
They can indeed, put it after your dirt-box and it will do jet planes, laser gun, you name it.

Put it after your dirt, it will do subtle leslie and subtle jet plane