Okay. So for one of my assignments I chose to create a guitar. It has to be all measured out so it looks good and then I create it in AutoCad. Only problem i've had so far is the fretboard. Is there any special decrease in the space between each fret. For example take 1mm every fret. Or if someone could link me to a place that says the average size of each fret that would be great.


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Isn't each fret 7/8 the size of the one above it?

Either that or my old physics teacher lied.
There's some kind of algorithm. Ask Google. That guy knows everything.


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Okay well that classical thing didn't work. I only have 22 frets but they have it worked out for 25 frets.

I could always measure myself but i'm not the best at measuring.

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go see on wikipedia (type guitar and that should lead you to the right place), there is he exact mathematic thing to measure the exact space between the fret
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