The Inspire got delivered to my house yesterday. So after work i tried it and it recognises that there is something being played as the level fluctuates, however i hear nothing even with headphones plugged into the back. I installed Cubase and decided to try and record. After playing back the recording i then heard what was being played.
How do i sort this problem? Slightly drunk right now so not going to bother messing about with it, just hoping to wake up tomorrow to find the solution
You may have to turn up a volume knob somewhere in the PreSonus control software.
the one thing I feel iffy about on that interface is the software controls it...I prefer real knobs and such, but that's just me.
I have pasted a picture to what i see when i open the inspire up.

As you can see it is recognizing sound and the headphone levels are turned up. I have made it my main device so say if someone signs in on msn, i am getting the sound through the inspire. So i am not sure why i am not getting any sound through the mic until after i listen to a recorded track
Did you go into the control panel and disable your stock card first?
that could be causing the other one to not work although at the same time I'm thinking that could not be the problem as the PreSonus is getting signal as shown in your image...
Yea i have went into the sound settings and changed them to the inspire. I got the toneport to work no problem and this is basically the same sort of thing but for some reason this doesn't. Thanks for trying to help moody
Try reinstalling the drivers one more time and if that doesnt work get in contact with PreSonus.
I 'm not sure what the problem is here but the PS customer service team is outstanding from what I've heard and I'm sure they can help.
I emailed the customer service and it turned out that it was just a speaker icon at the left side of Cubase that needed to be on to hear whatever you are playing but then after you record you needed to unclick this icon and then you can play back what was recorded. Found that weird but hey its sorted now